5 Ways to Prepare Your New Home for Future Lockdowns

Are you planning to build a home in 2020? For many Americans, the next two or more years are likely to involve a lot more time spent at home than was expected a few months ago. If you foresee that your home will be a much larger part of your days, should you adjust your building plans to include this new direction? The answer is yes, and here are a few ways to do that.

1. Build a Home Office. More people are working from home than ever expected to be. This could continue, due to the pandemic, for the foreseeable future. In fact, you may have even discovered that you want to continue working from home by choice. If so, be sure to include a large and functional home office setup.

2. Include Privacy. If the family becomes subject to a 'stay at home' order again, what changes could make it more enjoyable? For most people, this would be the addition of privacy. Depending on your situation, additional privacy could mean increasing the number of bedrooms, adding a family room, building an extra bathroom, or scaling back on open floor plans. 

3. Make the Kitchen Count. As restaurants and bars face an uncertain future, many people will continue to make meals and entertain at home. Is your current kitchen up to the job? Could you upgrade the appliances, add more work space, install a second sink, or include a peninsula where guests can congregate while you work?

4. Install a Home Theater. Certainly, one key concern of families on lockdown has been home entertainment. The ideal solution might be to add a dedicated home theater or media room. But you could also include upgrades like a convertible room, built-in sound systems, or a family room designed for gaming. 

5. Add a Luxury. What could help you better enjoy your own time spent at home? What about a spa-like master bath to relax in? A luxurious outdoor covered patio or sunroom? A library filled with your favorite books? No matter what you consider to be indulgent, have it embedded in the home from the beginning so you'll dread your 'at home' time a lot less.

By assessing what has and has not worked for you or your family during the spring 'shelter in place' time period, you can better prepare for any future ones. Want more ideas? Consult with a custom home builder in your area today.