Everything You Need To Know About Custom Building Trusses For Home Additions And Custom Building Designs

If you want to have an efficient, affordable, and cost-effective solution for home addition or other custom-building designs, trusses can be a great solution. They can be used for everything from floor systems to the roof structures of buildings, but there are some things that you want to know about the limitations, designs, and how the trusses are set. The following building truss guide will help you with your home additions and custom-building design projects.

Trusses Can Be An Affordable Solution For Long Spans And More Open Space In Architectural Designs

There are a lot of modern custom designs that require larger open spaces. To accomplish these features, the structure needs to have longer spans, which is easier and more cost-effective to do with custom trusses. Therefore, if your building design calls for open spans and custom features, trusses are the best solution.

Structural Load Points Of Truss Building Designs Can Be Supported With Engineered Lumber Materials

There are also structural load points that need to be supported with the custom truss designs. Often, these points are supported with steel posts or conventional wood framing that is reinforced at the load-bearing points. There are also options for using engineered lumber with the truss designs to support these load points.

Custom Features Like Trey Ceilings and Vaults Can Be Integrated Into The Design Of Roof And Floor Trusses

Custom features like trey ceilings can be integrated into the design of your truss systems. If these features are in floor or ceiling systems, the trusses may have a drop-down structure that sits below the bearing points of the trusses. When the trusses are roof systems, these features are often above the ceiling and bottom chords of the truss design.

Consider The Features Of Your Custom Truss System That Will Need To Be Cut In With Conventional Wood Framing

While modern design technology allows many of the custom features to be integrated into truss systems, there is still some work to do to fill in the trusses. Sometimes, the custom features may require additional conventional wood framing to be used to cut in voids in the truss design or add more details to the custom features of the trusses.

These are some of the things that you will want to know about the trusses that can be used for home additions and custom-building designs. If you need to have a truss designed for your next project, contact a company like Campbell Truss Company Inc. to start planning the designs of the custom truss solutions for your project.