Tips To Prepare And Install A New Concrete Drive

Whether you have just purchased an older home with an aging concrete driveway or your existing home does not have a driveway at all and you want to add one, you can replace or install the new driveway. With a new driveway, your property will see an increase in its value and an improvement in its appearance and use. But you need to make sure a new slab is installed properly by a professional contractor or your own or combined experience with an assistant. Here are some tips to help you with the preparation and installation of your new concrete driveway.

Prepare the Site

Once you have removed any existing driveway by demolition or your paving site is only dirt and rocks, you need to prepare the foundation for your concrete slab driveway. A big part of the concrete's stability comes from its base foundation layer, which provides an immovable surface with a good amount of drainage capabilities. When it rains or there is moisture present in the soil in any amount, the moisture needs to drain below the concrete pad and not collect in the area. When water collects, it can erode the foundation or remain in place and expand with time or when the temperature falls.

If you are working with a concrete contractor, they will handle preparing the site for you. Otherwise, you will need to remove a layer of soil to allow for the concrete slab to sit within the soil. Then, make sure the foundation is compacted sandy soil or a layer of angular gravel that you can compact together into a sturdy drainage layer.

Arrange For Concrete

When the site is prepared and you have set up concrete forms to hold in the concrete while it sets and cures, you can make preparations for the concrete. You may want to order concrete from a ready-mix supplier or mix your own concrete. Depending on the size of your driveway, you might want to order a batch of concrete for a larger concrete project to ensure it is all the same mixture consistency for a successful and durable surface.

Your concrete contractor can calculate how much concrete you need to a near-exact estimate for your driveway. This part is essential because you don't want to order not enough concrete and have your concrete curing in two separate sections. You also do not want to have too much excess concrete because you will need to find a way to dispose of the extra in a safe and environmentally-safe way.

For more information, contact a concrete driveway contractor in your area.