The Submersible Well Pump Troubleshooting And Maintenance Guide To Keep Water Flowing

If your water well has a submersible pump, it is protected from the weather and elements outside of the casing, but it still needs maintenance. It may be years before you have a problem with the pump if you do the right maintenance, but eventually, you are going to need to troubleshoot problems with the pump and equipment. The following well pump troubleshooting guide will help you get to the bottom of these problems:

Do Routine Inspections To Identify Problems With Flow Rate And Pump Issues Early

Catching the problems with submersible well pumps early can help reduce the cost of repairs or prevent you from needing to replace the pump. Therefore, you are going to want to have the well inspected regularly. The well pump repair service inspection will include inspecting the area around the wellhead, doing a visual inspection of water well equipment, and testing the recharging and flow rate

These are some of the things that a routine annual inspection of your water pump will include, and this should be part of your annual maintenance routine.

Check The Pressure System For Problems With Switches And Tanks 

With a water well system, there are also pressure controls that turn the pump on and keep water pressure on pipes for household plumbing and other installations. These systems include a pressure tank and switch, which can wear out and need to be repaired to solve the problems with a well pump not working properly and issues with plumbing or pipes connected to the system.

Pull The Pump From The Casing To Deal With Wiring Problems 

If the problem is not with the pressure switch or tank, then it is probably with the pump. The first step in repairing the submersible pump is to pull it from the well casing. The problems with the well pump are often due to wear and damage to the wiring that is connected to the pump. Thus, one of the repairs that you may need to have done is rewiring the pump to solve electrical problems with your water well equipment.

Clean And Descale The Pump Before Putting It Back In The Casing

Lastly, before the pump is reinstalled in the well casing, it is important that it is thoroughly cleaned. The well pump repair service will completely disassemble the pump to descale all of the parts (remove mineral buildup from hard water) and then put it back together before dropping it in the well casing. It is also a good idea to have the well casing flushed while doing repairs and maintenance to the pump.

These are some of the things that you want to know about maintenance and troubleshooting problems with your submersible well pump and equipment. If you need help with fixing problems, contact a submersible well pump repair service like Modern Pump & Equipment for help getting the water flowing to your home again.