Chimney Fires And Cleaning: How To Deal With A Flue Pipe That Catches Fire

If you use firewood that has a lot of resin, it leaves soot and resin deposits in your chimney. This can lead to problems with your chimney catching fire. If your chimney catches fire even once, it is going to need to be inspected for damage and then cleaned. The following guide will help you deal with these problems to protect your home from fire hazards.

Check the fireplace and chimney for structural damage

When your chimney has had a fire in it, the heat can cause a lot of damage. Sometimes, the damage can affect the structure, and there may be damage that needs to be repaired. You will want to inspect structural framing, support, and elements near your chimney. Repair any structural damage before continuing with the fireplace repairs and cleaning that needs to be done.

Cleaning up smoke damage in the chimney box after a fire

After a fire in your chimney, the smoke often gets out of the flue pipe or chimney box. This is often the cause of smoke damage in the chimney box itself or areas like the attic of your home. The smoke damage in these areas can leave residues that are a fire hazard and need to be cleaned up when dealing with your fireplace problem. Some of the smoke damage that may need to be cleaned up includes:

  • Smoke and soot buildup inside the chimney box
  • Soot buildup that has started to grow in the attic
  • Smoke damage in your home near the fireplace hearth

You will want to make sure that all this smoke damage is cleaned up to protect your home. Talk to a chimney cleaning service about cleaning the smoke damage in these areas to ensure your fireplace is safe.

Inspecting the chimney flue and pipe for damage caused by fire

If your chimney has caught fire, the flue pipe may have been damaged due to the heat. This is because modern insert fireplace units have metal pipes. The heat can cause the pipe's inner wall to deteriorate, which can cause serious fire hazards. If the flue pipe has been damaged by the heat of a fire, you will want to have it completely replaced to ensure your fireplace is safe. If the flue pipe is not damaged, it can be cleaned so you can start using your fireplace again this winter.

Doing the cleaning that your fireplace needs and using the right type of firewood can help reduce problems with chimney fires. If you need to have your fireplace inspected after it catches fire, contact a chimney service for help with the inspection and cleaning that needs to be done.