Four Remodel Ideas To Save Space In A Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms present a host of challenges, from clutter-free storage to space to move about. Fortunately, a bathroom remodeling contractor can help you find the right touches to save space and give your bathroom a brand new look. Here is a look at just some of the many ideas you may want to consider when giving your small bathroom a makeover.

Wall-Hung Toilet

A wall-hung toilet uses the space behind your wall to hide the tank and plumbing, saving valuable floor space while adding a clean look to the room. This type of toilet creates the illusion of floating on the wall. With fewer pieces exposed, this option also makes cleaning the floor and toilet fixtures easier. A wall-hung toilet offers a perfect addition to a modern decor theme, but it can also be incorporated into traditional and transitional decor aesthetics as well.

Recessed Wall Storage

Recessed wall storage isn't just for medicine cabinets. Work with your contractor to create recessed nooks in the bathtub or shower stall to house everything from soaps and shampoos to kids' toys. A recessed cabinet above the toilet provides hidden storage for extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies, while a set of recessed shelves next to the tub creates a perfect perch for towels and washcloths. By building storage into the walls, you can create a seamless look and add more space to move around in your small bathroom.

Sliding Entry Doors

Bathroom doors that open into the room can limit the amount of floor space you have free at any given time. Instead, ask your contractor to incorporate a sliding door design into your remodeling plan. A sliding barn door complements industrial and rustic design schemes, while a pocket door coordinates seamlessly with a wide range of decor themes. With a sliding entryway, you are left with the same amount of free floor space whether the door is open or closed.

Compact Soaker Tub

While standalone shower stalls may be a popular option for small bathrooms, you don't need to limit your options. If you prefer a relaxing bath to a quick shower, consider a compact soaker tub. These bathtubs are shorter in length when compared to traditional designs, but they make up for the shortness with added depth. Some designs feature built-in seats, which let you soak your whole body without feeling cramped in a shorter bathtub. You can find compact tubs that are built into the wall just like the ones you may be used to, but you can also find sleek freestanding designs that create a stunning focal point in your small space.

For more information about beginning a bathroom remodel, contact a local contractor.