Insulated Vinyl Siding Might Be The Right Choice When You Want Durability And Energy Savings

There are several options in vinyl siding, so if you're going to have this siding put on your home, take time to study your choices so you make the right decision for your budget and your home. For instance, you might want insulated siding rather than hollow siding. Here's a look at the advantages of insulated vinyl siding.

Insulated Siding Helps Control Energy Bills

A nice benefit of insulated siding is that it reduces heat transfer through the walls of your house. You might like this if you don't have adequate insulation in your walls already. If your insulation isn't all that great now, adding insulated siding could keep your home cooler in the summer so your air conditioning bills are lower, and the siding might help you be warmer and more comfortable in the winter.

Insulated Vinyl Siding Has A Slightly Different Shape

The insulated siding panels are thicker due to the layer of foam that's added. This allows the panels to be larger and flatter so they look more like real wood boards. Also, the insulation allows the siding to come in a variety of dark colors that won't soak up too much heat and warp.

Insulated Vinyl Siding Is Durable

All vinyl siding is durable and lasts a long time, but the insulated variety has extra durability due to the foam backing. The foam protects against impact damage from hail and thrown balls. The backing can even have insecticide treatments in it that kill termites so your exterior walls have added protection against insect damage. Insects won't destroy vinyl and vinyl doesn't rot, so it lasts a long time when maintained properly.

Insulated siding is a little heavier and stronger. That means you might experience less damage over the years and need to pay for fewer repairs due to storms and other types of threats.

The one drawback to insulated vinyl siding that's worth considering is the cost. You'll pay more upfront than you would with hollow siding, but the extra cost could pay off in improved appearance, fewer repairs, and a longer life. A siding contractor can help you decide if insulated siding is right for your home, budget, and climate.

If insulated siding isn't in your budget, then hollow vinyl is the next best choice. Any type of vinyl siding is probably a good choice for your home, but the insulated variety just adds a little extra protection. Insulated siding might be a good choice if it fits your budget, you want help lowering your utility bills, you want to muffle outside noise, or if you have hollow siding now and want something more durable.