When To Go With Seamless Gutters Over Traditional Gutters

Seamless gutters are functional and a good aesthetic choice for your home. They can be an especially good functional choice as well if you have room in your budget for a longer-lasting gutter system, if you have gutters that get clogged often or easily, or if you're looking to install them yourself and want to make the process a little easier.

You Have the Budget

If you have some breathing room in your budget for gutter work, seamless gutters are a good way to spend it. They cost more up front but have a few advantages, such as requiring less maintenance due to fewer joints and seams, and they also tend to last longer than traditional gutters for the same reason. They're also a popular aesthetic choice, so before you make any final decisions, talk to a gutter professional to see what they recommend. Due to their cost, it's also worth getting a few quotes before you make your decision.

Since much of the cost of a new gutter system involves labor, you can save some money if you plan to do the work yourself by looking for "chop and drop" services, where gutter material is measured and cut at your home, but the actual installation process is left to you.

Your Gutters Clog Easily

There are two primary problems that result from getting debris trapped in your gutters: weight and inefficiency. When debris clogs up your gutters, it's more likely to hold water, which in turn increases the gutters' weight and can make them more prone to being damaged.

Seamless gutters tend not to clog as easily because there are fewer points along the gutter where debris can get caught. Things like twigs and leaves and dirt can easily catch in seams, and these clogs build on themselves. If you have a lot of trees near your house or find yourself cleaning out your gutters often, seamless gutters can make things easier. Your gutter installation professional may also recommend something like leaf guards to make your gutters even less likely to get clogged up.

You Want An Easier Self-Installation

Since seamless gutters only need to be attached at corners, they are usually easier to install than traditional gutters. Seamless systems may be a little more difficult to install with only one person, especially when it comes to longer cuts, but much of the process comes down to the sheer number of individual components. Without a bunch of different pieces to attach and seal and test, you'll be looking at a much quicker installation process. With fewer points of failure, it's also easier to avoid sections of dipping and sagging and ensure a steady incline where necessary.

Contact a contractor near you to learn more about seamless gutters