Are Land Surveying Services Mandatory For Custom Home Construction?

A new home construction project is equal parts thrilling and overwhelming since there is a multitude of moving parts that you need to stay ahead of. And one of the fundamental responsibilities you have is ensuring that this project stays within your budget. Bearing that in mind, it is not surprising for some individuals to try and cut their costs as much as possible But this does not mean you should undervalue the importance of hiring a land surveyor. The presumption you may make is that as long as you are acquainted with the lot, you do not need further information about it, but you would be sorely mistaken. Keep reading to figure out if land surveying services will prove mandatory for your custom home construction.

Can You Overlook Hiring a Land Surveyor If You Already Have a Plat Map?

One of the first documents you probably acquired prior to your new home build project is a plat map, and this is unsurprising since it provides you with a detailed view of your lot's boundary lines. Moreover, plat maps will also provide critical information about nearby lots, which ensures you are not impinging on your neighbors' properties.

Nonetheless, what you may not realize about plat maps is that they are not always updated. Hence, you could end up basing your project's decisions on incorrect or obsolete information, which could lead to dire consequences, such as having to demolish your new home. To prevent this from happening, it is best to hire a land surveyor even when you have a plat map in your possession.

What Additional Benefits Would a Land Surveyor Provide for Your Custom Home Build Project?

Contrary to popular belief, land surveying services are not exclusively about mapping out the boundaries of your property. Instead, a land surveyor will carry out a range of other surveys to ensure that your project does not encounter challenges that would inflate your budget or, in the worst-case scenario, bring the project to a halt. For starters, hiring a land surveyor will ensure that your project is compliant with your municipality's zoning requirements.

As an example, you may not be aware that you need to construct your home a specific distance away from freeways and superhighways since your residential property should not be a visual hindrance for road users. In addition to this, the land surveyor will take the topography of the lot into account to ensure that your new house is not susceptible to natural disasters, such as floods.

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