Railings: Do You Need New Ones For Your Balconies?

If you recently moved into a multistory home with one or more old balconies, you may need to secure your balconies as soon as possible. The current barriers, or railings, in your old balconies may not be strong enough to keep you and your loved ones safe. You can install new iron railings around your balconies to keep your loved ones secure. Learn more about balconies and how new iron railings can keep your balconies safe below.

Why Should Your Balconies Concern You?

Many second-story homes come with spacious balconies. Although balconies make ideal places for barbecues and other activities, they can be unsafe for small children, curious pets, and even adults. Balconies can be unsafe if their railings are too wide, rusted, or old. 

If possible, take a second to check the condition of your balconies' railings. For safety reasons, don't lean on, pull, or push the railings during your inspection. First, stick your hand through the openings or spaces between each post, or baluster, in your railings. If your hand fits through the balusters partially or even fully, the spaces between each baluster may be too wide. 

Also, visually inspect the condition of your railings. If you have wooden railings, check the structures for termite holes, cracks, and chips. The wood may be rotted through and unsafe to keep on your balconies. Metal railings may have brown or orange spots of rust on them. The metal may also look faded or bland in color.

If your visual inspection reveals any of the issues above, install new iron railings on your balconies right away.

How Can Iron Railings Secure Your Balconies?

You don't want to remove and replace your railings yourself. You must be able to choose and install the correct railings for your balconies. A contractor can assist you with the entire process.

A contractor will recommend you install iron railings on your balconies. Iron is strong enough to bear your weight as well as durable enough to withstand rust and other problems during the year.

You also want to choose iron railings with compacted posts. A contractor may recommend you use railings with balustrades as their posts. Balustrades consist of evenly spaced and connected posts. The posts can prevent children and pets from slipping through the railings after you install them.

Finally, choose iron railings that come with decorative post caps and other features. The features can give your home an updated and modern look.

Learn more about railings and how to replace your balconies' railings with iron by consulting a contractor today.