If You See These, It's Time to Have Your Marina Dock Repaired

A marina can be a peaceful place, but not if the docks are breaking down. Those are essential to keeping boats in place and people out of the water when they're not trying to swim. And while docks can have a little cosmetic damage and still be usable, once they start to have structural damage, it's time to call the repair crews. Marina repair services can inspect and repair docks and other marina fixtures so that boaters can continue to dock there with confidence. For new marina owners who may not have realized what really goes into owning and maintaining a marina, the help of a marina repair service is invaluable.

Older Docks and Strong Storm Tides Do Not Mix

If the docks at the marina are old, and a strong storm blows through, that in itself might not be enough to warrant repairs. But if the storm surge was big and the tides caused by the storm were rather violent, then you need to call a repair service to at least have the docks inspected. When docks are constructed, the pilings hold them in place (except for floating docks, of course). But over time, the pilings, like any constructed object, can weaken. A strong storm and rough water in the marina could weaken the pilings further.

Do You See Rust?

Rust is the bane of everything marine, and marinas and docks are no exception. If you see rust, that's not good. Yes, you will see rust inevitably, but when it becomes noticeable, that's when you need to start having the docks and other marina fixtures inspected. The rust might be surface-only and removable, or it could be a sign that bolts are corroding and need replacing. The only way to find out is to inspect.

Anything Loose

Have you seen things come loose? Maybe a board on the dock or a railing along the edge of the pavement? Quickly get a repair service there. It could be nothing, or it could be something about to fail. Loose boards on a dock can trip people up or break and make people fall; loose railings can cause people to tumble into the water. These things need to be steady, so get a repair service to look at them and determine what went wrong.

Marina repair services know how important it is for everything in the marina to be in good shape. If you spot problems, call a local company now.