Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Home Gutters

An effective gutter system can be a critical component of your home due to the role that it will play in protecting the exterior and foundation of the home from water damage due to runoff from the roof. When homeowners attempt to install new gutter systems for their houses, they can make a series of mistakes that may actively worsen the results that the gutters are able to provide.

Leaving A Gap Between The Gutters And The Roof

During the installation process, it can be easy for individuals to accidentally leave a gap between the gutters and the roof. This type of gap will reduce the amount of water that the gutters collect. Unfortunately, this can be a difficult problem to correct as it may require the entire section of gutters to be reinstalled. As an added problem, gutters that are too far from the roof may be particularly vulnerable to failure due to the weight distribution on their anchors being unbalanced.

Angling The Downspout Towards The Home

The downspout will serve the function of transporting the water from the gutters to the ground. However, a person that accidentally angles their downspout towards the base of their home can inadvertently expose their home's foundation to a far greater risk of suffering water damage. This is due to the runoff from the downspout soaking into the soil around the foundation. Over time, this can weaken the concrete in the foundation as well as soften the soil that is supporting the home. Angling the downspout so that it points away from the home can reduce this risk so that the foundation can be protected against this significant damage. Downspout extenders can also help in this regard as they can allow the water to be transported a significantly further distance from the home before being deposited.

Not Including A Gutter Guard When The System Is First Installed

The addition of a gutter guard can be an improvement that will reduce the risk of the gutters filing with leaves and other debris that could block the flow of water. Unfortunately, individuals may not think of this when they are first installing their gutters. However, this can be one of the most convenient times to have this feature added. This is due to the ability to add the guards before the gutters are installed. In addition to reducing the time for this project, this option will also allow the gutters to be protected from the first day that they are installed.

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