Improving Your Home's Insulation

Upgrading the insulation in your home can be necessary for improving the energy efficiency of the structure. In particular, there are several instances where you may find that it is necessary to have more insulation installed.

Adding Insulation To A New Addition 

If you are making a new addition to your home, it is imperative to invest in good insulation for it. Often, individuals will underestimate the importance of thoroughly insulating the new addition, and this could lead to it compromising the energy efficiency of the rest of the home. As part of the process of insulating this area, you will have to choose the type of insulation to install. While traditional fiberglass may be the most affordable option, spray foam insulation products can offer superior performance. In addition to being exceptional at limiting heat transfer, spray foam insulation products can also prevent moisture from seeping into areas, and they may be effective at blocking unwanted noises.

Replacing Damaged Insulation

Unfortunately, there can be instances where large sections of your home's interior insulation can become damaged. Often, this is the result of leaks or other moisture damage because this could contribute to the insulation rotting or being damaged by mold. In these situations, you may have to arrange for the damaged insulation to be removed so that it can be replaced. This may seem like a simple process, but it can take a professional with the proper equipment to avoid getting insulation particles in their eyes or lungs as this could cause severe irritation. During this process, the room where the insulation is located may need to be sealed to prevent these particles from spreading through the home, and a thorough cleanup will be needed once the insulation work has been finished.

Upgrading The Insulation In Existing Areas

Some homeowners may come to learn that the insulation in their homes is not sufficient in some areas. In particular, this is common for the attic. Without sufficient insulation, the attic could allow very large amounts of heat to escape out of the home. In order to stop this from occurring, additional insulation may need to be installed in this space. Depending on your budget and goals, this may also be a suitable opportunity to completely alter the type of insulation products that are used. For example, you may want to upgrade from fiberglass to spray foam. This may slightly increase the complexity of this project, but it can drastically improve the performance that the insulation provides.

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