Why Your Educational Institution Should Keep Its Asphalt Paving In Good Condition

If you manage the campus of a college, high school, or other educational institution, you likely have a significant amount of asphalt across your campus. This could be in the form of parking lots but you might also have asphalt walkways or use it as part of an athletic complex. If it's been some time since you had a professional out to provide a fresh sealcoat or perform repairs on your asphalt paving, here's why you should make that phone call today.

Keep Campus Looking Picture Perfect

If you are the director of a college or a private high school, first impressions can be everything when someone drives up to your campus for the first time. If you want to keep those applications and tuition money coming in, you have an image to keep up. Letting your asphalt parking lots or walkways fall into disrepair will ruin the image you are trying to keep planted in everyone's mind. Deteriorating asphalt makes it look like the school administrators don't care about the campus. Regular sealcoating from a professional can make those cracks go away.

Keep Your Campus Safe and Organized

A campus with potholes all over it is not safe for any vehicle driving through them or any person that accidentally stumbles into one. Fresh sealcoating for your parking lots is also an opportunity to add new parking space lines or other directions after the seal coat dries. You can ensure that every lot is well organized for the flow of traffic and has as many parking spots as possible for your growing campus.

Regular Maintenance Boosts Lifespan

By making regular asphalt paving sealcoating part of your yearly routine, you can boost the lifespan of your asphalt. Put that another way: do you think the school board or trustees will be more likely to approve payment for a simple maintenance job or a much more expensive one where you have to replace the entire parking lot? Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of asphalt so you don't have to worry about going over budget.

Add New Asphalt for Extra Convenience

When your asphalt paving pro shows up to apply some sealcoating or to fix some potholes, consider letting them stay around to add brand-new asphalt in other spots. Maybe your students could walk or bike to class faster if they had a new asphalt walkway from one point to another.

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