4 Great Places To Install New Cabinets Besides Your Kitchen

Most would assume cabinets belong in the kitchen because they're a commonly installed accessory used to hold cups, bowls, plates, and even food items. However, several other rooms in your home can and should have cabinets installed to add a remarkable touch while offering additional storage space, which will help you cut down on the clutter. 

The Bathroom

How often do you feel like your bathroom looks messy because many items you and your loved ones use are scattered by the sink? If this is an ongoing issue in your home, install a set of durable, high-quality cabinets in the bathroom and use them for storage. These cabinets should have plenty of space for your essentials, including cotton swabs, soap, hair styling products, and other toiletries.

The Laundry Room

Is the laundry room's clutter and disorganization driving you nuts? In this case, installing cabinets with multiple shelves in your laundry room would do you some good. You could use these cabinets for storing dryer sheets, detergent, fabric softener, and other laundry-related products you may use, such as stain removers and odor-removing components that get added to every load.

Your Home Office

If you designate a specific room for use as a home office, it's great to have cabinets installed on the walls. With cabinets on the walls, you free up more floor space, which you can use for a desk, chair, filing cabinet, and anything else you need to complete your work. Having cabinets in the home office allows you to keep everything organized while storing many of the supplies you use daily, such as markers, pens, printer paper, rubber bands, and more. You won't have to keep all these items on your desk, meaning you can keep the desk clear and free of clutter throughout the work week.

The Garage

Do you want to keep belongings stored in the garage without making a mess? If you want to keep track of where you put everything and create an organized system that makes it much easier to find anything you need when looking for it, install cabinets in your garage!

Although cabinets are ideal for kitchens, they're useful to have in many other rooms throughout the home, including the laundry room, garage, home office, and bathroom. Choose from thousands of unique cabinets made with different materials and offering enough space for the items you need to store, such as your toiletries, work supplies, or household laundry essentials.