Tips To Help You Waterproof Your Home Basement And Foundation

The protection of your home relies upon it staying dry from rain and snowmelt that can occur in nature. Along with landscaping maintenance and professional management, you can protect your home's basement and foundation. Here are some recommendations to help you apply waterproof protection to your home basement and foundation against water intrusion and the associated expensive damage that can come from it.

Apply Protection From the Outside

When you consider that moisture intrusion comes into your basement from the outside, stopping it on the outside can be a good option at preventing it from occurring. The outside of your home foundation is constructed of a concrete slab and foundation walls that can become cracked from age and settling, which provides a way that the moisture makes its way into your home. 

A basement waterproof professional can excavate the soil from around the outside of your foundation to seal off the outside against problems in the soil, such as a high water table or groundwater moisture that is too high. A layer of plastic sheeting or a spray-on waterproof coating will be applied to the exterior foundation walls. They may also install a drainage system at the base of your foundation wall to collect and divert the moisture to a different location to keep your basement dry. Depending on the slope of the landscaping around your home, they may only need to apply the waterproof treatment and protection to two or more exterior walls of your home.

You should also not forget to look at the soil slope and exterior drainage around your home and how it may play into water problems within your foundation. Check the water flow patterns from your gutter system and how successfully water flows away from your home rather than toward it. You may find that you need to update your landscaping to include an increased slope away from your foundation. 

You can install features, such as a swale lined with river rock or a dry river bed to aid in your gutter's drainage flow away from your home. It is important to make sure you even inspect pavement installed next to your home foundation to be sure it does not promote moisture flow toward your home, but rather it should slope away from your home.

Install Interior Systems

Just as you can protect your home basement from the outside, an interior system will work similarly for the same protection. There are foundation wall sealants you can apply yourself or with a professional service and the addition of a sump pump and French drain collection system. Talk to a basement waterproofing specialist, like Jaco Waterproofing, to find the best solution for your home.