3 Ideas For Beautifying Your Lawn With The Help Of A Landscaping Service

You've probably noticed as you drive through your neighborhood that some homes have beautiful landscaping while others may have a lot of plants, but they are arranged in a haphazard way. If you don't have a green thumb and an eye for design, it's harder than you might think to create a beautiful yard. That's where a landscaping service can help. Here are three ways you can use a landscaping service to create a yard you're proud of.

1. To Choose And Install Foundation Plants

Plants around your home's foundation give your property a little color and personality. The plants break up the green expanse of your lawn and offer visual appeal for guests as they approach your house. Choosing and maintaining foundation plants can be tricky since you don't want shrubs that grow out of control if you don't feel comfortable keeping them trimmed and shaped. Plus, you have to consider how well the plants will survive the winter.

Rather than change plants each season, you may want something permanent. Let the landscaping service know what you like when it comes to color, shape, and even the type of mulch, and they can pick the right plants that need the least amount of care to survive. Once the plants are installed and off to a healthy start, you may not need to do much to maintain them other than remove weeds if they pop up through the mulch.

2. To Plant New Trees

If you live in a fairly new house, your lot may not have any trees at all. Trees add value to your property. Plus, they are attractive and supply shade. Choosing the right species of tree is important and so is choosing the right planting location. Even planting one or two trees can make a difference in how your yard looks, even while the trees are still young and small.

3. To Install A Walkway

A landscaper can also install hardscape elements, such as a walkway. A walkway can be an attractive addition to your yard and can also protect your grass by giving people a place to walk other than all over your lawn. You might want a walkway made of flagstone or pavers. The stones you choose have an effect on the appearance of your property and will also affect whether you can push a wheelchair over the walkway or walk on it with bare feet.

If you're not sure what kind of landscape you want, you can hire a landscape design service to come up with ideas for you. They'll choose suitable plants that are easy to maintain, and they'll transform your lawn into a beautifully landscaped area.