Keys To Making A Construction Road Work Zone Safer

Construction road work is essential for maintaining and building new roads, but it does come with a lot of risks for workers. If you manage these projects and want to improve work zone safety as best you can, take these steps early on in the construction process.

Always Keep Workers Visible

Visibility is key no matter what type of construction road work is taking place around a work zone. If workers can be seen by oncoming drivers, there is less of a chance for them to get hit. Your workers can wear all kinds of construction attire that comes with high-visibility materials, including helmets, vests, and even work boots. The reflective material will be easy for drivers to make out, even if they are driving at night. Then they'll be able to effectively stay away from the work zone. 

Properly Direct Flow of Traffic

Whichever part of the road your construction crew is working on around a work zone, you want to direct traffic away from these areas. Then there is less risk involved for construction workers on the job site. You can properly direct traffic using hazard cones and barrels. They'll show where drivers are supposed to go, whether it's the middle lane or the lane to the far left. Also, be sure to put out warning signs well ahead of these structures so that drivers have plenty of time to change course before they get up close to the construction work zone.

Keep Lines of Communication Open With Workers

Many aspects can change during a construction road project. One area may be completely finished and then the construction project moves a couple of feet ahead. You want to keep everyone within the construction team updated when changes do happen. They can then adjust and act in accordance with the proper safety protocol. Keep lines of communication open with workers, whether it's using radio equipment or coming up with some sort of hand signal system. If everyone is aware, changes won't throw road construction out of order and leave workers more vulnerable to threats later on.

Work zones involving road construction need to be set up a certain way, especially from a safety standpoint. There are plenty of devices and protocols you can use to make these zones safer for everyone involved. You just need to look and see what your particular construction road project requires from the beginning. Contact a company that provides work zone equipment for more information.