Designing An ADU For Your Property

In response to the increasing need for more housing availability, many areas have modified their zoning laws to allow for the construction of accessory dwelling units on residential properties. These units can provide invidiously with reasonable and affordable housing options while also letting the homeowner earn additional income and increase the value of their property.

Create A Realistic Assessment Of The Rent That You Could Charge

A key step in determining whether or not you should pursue the construction of an ADU will be to complete an assessment to determine the maximum amount of rent that you will be able to charge for the unit. This can be instrumental in allowing you to create a budget for the project and to determine whether it will be a sensible investment for your area. When performing this assessment, you should look very closely at the rents that other ADUs in your area can charge and compare the trends for your particular neighborhood.

Thoroughly Research The Size Requirements For The ADU

As part of the reforms that allow for ADUs to be constructed, there are often size requirements that must be followed when these units are being constructed. In addition to mandates about the minimum size that a unit has to be to qualify as an ADU, there may also be maximum size limits in place that you will have to follow. Thoroughly researching these requirements can be instrumental during the design process as it will provide you with a clear understanding of the amount of space that you will have to work with.

Use Quality Materials When Designing And Building The ADU

While individuals will often build ADUs with the intention of raising additional money, it is still important to make sure that quality materials are being used in the construction of the ADU. This might increase the costs of the construction project, but it can have the benefit of allowing the structure to be far more durable. This can directly lower the amount that you will have to spend on maintenance and repairs for the unit. Furthermore, the use of high-quality materials may increase the amount of interest that the property gets from potential tenants. For these reasons, the use of high-quality materials can be encouraged, and there are ADU building design services that can assist you with maximizing the quality of the materials that are used while still staying within the boundaries of the budget that you have set for this upgrade.

Learn more about ADU plans by reaching out to a local construction service.