Crack Repairs For A Concrete Basement

Stress cracks can form in concrete once a home has settled. The type of land that a home was built on may influence how much damage occurs to a foundation. There are situations that warrant patching cracks instead of replacing foundation materials.

Aesthetic Improvements And Barrier Upgrades

Cracks can be unsightly. They may provide a concrete surface with a slightly rough texture that isn't consistent with the undamaged concrete that surrounds each crack. A property owner may hire a contractor to patch each visible crack. The patching process will rapidly restore the appearance of the concrete.

A series of cracks can also make a basement prone to flooding or pest infestation. A stress crack could be wide and deep enough to allow water to infiltrate. A crack could also provide a viable entryway for termites and other pests to enter a basement. When a contractor is hired to repair cracks, they may use a patch product that contains an injection system.

Repair Steps

A two-part epoxy concrete repair kit may require the use of several injection tubes. Injectors are narrow, pointed accessories that aid a contractor in applying a patch mix to the middle of a crack. This type of product will effectively fill in voids that are a direct result of a crack's formation.

A contractor will need to assess the damage to the concrete first. The assessment of the concrete will help a contractor determine the amount of a patch product that will be needed to perform the repair. Before any repair work is conducted, a contractor will clean and dry the areas where the cracks are located.

Chipped concrete that is located near each crack will be removed during the preliminary steps. A contractor will need a relatively flat surface to apply the epoxy products. A two-part patch kit will contain two ingredients that will need to be blended together.

Before a contractor prepares the patch, they will double-check the cracked areas, to make sure that the concrete is dry enough for the patch to adhere to. A foundation contractor may anchor the injectors first. Each injector will need to be stabilized inside a crack that is being filled.

Once the injectors are in place, the components of a patch kit will be blended. The blending process will result in the patch product being soft and pliable. The patch will be spread along each crack. It will also be administered through each injector.

To learn more, contact a foundation crack repair service in your area.